About Us

VARIANTE, Malaysia’s number one established Ready To Wear label for the fashionably modest, since 2005. The line provides women with a complete look and on a distinctive socialite level. The look is first, stylish then contemporary taking women from home to work and a night out

“To me, designing clothes comes naturally” says designer Leslie Variyan. When I hold a piece of material in my hands, and feel the softness and flow, I can already imagine the drape along the feminine body. That comes so easily to me. Working with clothes and design gives me an euphoria.”

“I am inspired by all Malaysian women, no matter what their ethnicity or race. Every woman is beautiful in her own way and my designs capture this basic quality of all women. My designs are chic, stylish and yet wearable; so I draw inspiration also from the challenges that the typical Malaysian professional woman has to face and to give her wardrobe choices that bring out the very best of her qualities and yet remain functional. A woman’s inner qualities also inspire me greatly. Malaysian professional women are strong, intelligent, dynamic, resilient and capable.”